Project Status Update

DATE: 3 May 2021

Weeks Marine is progressing rapidly down the beach. Beach fill operations are complete in Segment 2a-South and Segment 3. The contractor expects to complete Segment 2a-North tomorrow and move operations to the next pipeline landing in Segment 2. Once the transition is made, work will progress from Bayfront Park southward (Segment 2b-South).

Kelly Brothers continues to make progress on the northernmost rock groin structure on Greer Island.

Dredging and beach fill operations are 24/7.  The rock groin work is limited to daylight hours only.  Please see the Google Map below for the location of the various work segments, and visit the link above for additional information on the expected construction schedule.  Check back frequently for updates on the progress of the work.

All dates and positions are approximate & subject to change.  More detailed schedule information is available Project Schedule.

Project schedule


Prior Updates

DATE: 26 April 2021

Beach fill operations along the South Key / Longboat Club Road (Segment 3) were completed on April 23rd. Demobilization and site clean-up in Segment 3 will occur this week.

Weeks Marine has begun placing sand in the area from the Beachcomber to Sunset Beach (Segment 2a-South).

Meanwhile, work continues on the northernmost rock groin structure on Greer Island.

DATE: 19 April 2021

Beach fill operations along Gulfside Road have ended with the completion of dredging at Longboat Pass by Cottrell Contracting Corporation. Demobilization activities will be occurring this week from S. Gulfside Road up to Broadway Street, with occasional brief closures at both locations to haul out equipment and pipe.

Weeks Marine continues placing sand along Segment 3 of the beach fill project at Longboat Club Road. Completion of the Segment 3 fill is expected later this week, after which operations will jump up to the 2nd pipeline landing area at the Bay Isles Road area and initially work southward back toward the Islander Club and Sunset Beach in the southernmost portion of Segment 2.

Meanwhile, work continues on the rock groin structures at the northernmost structure on Greer Island.

Mote Marine Laboratory personnel have begun their daily sea turtle nest monitoring and nest relocation services along all the beach fill segments at Longboat Key. Likewise, shorebird monitoring services are ongoing by personnel from Steve Sauers Environmental Management.

DATE: 12 April 2021

Beach nourishment construction commenced April 10th in Segment 3, along Longboat Club Road. Excavating sand from offshore of Passage Key and transporting that sand to Longboat Key is a complex process that involves a team of vessels. The Dredge E.W. Ellefsen excavates the sand and transfers it to the Weeks 2600 spider barge. The spider barge loads the sand into scow barges for transit to the 320 Unloader, positioned offshore of Longboat Key. Once the scows reach the unloader, sand/water slurry is then pumped to shore through a submerged pipeline. Bulldozers shape the new sand to the design lines and grades. Sand from this borrow area will be placed in Segments 1, 2, and 3.

The Dredge Rockbridge is excavating the remaining sand within the Longboat Pass channel. Beach fill operations along Gulfside Road are expected to wrap up soon.

The rock groin contractor is continuing work on the northernmost structure on Greer Island.

DATE: April 6, 2021

The Dredge E.W. Ellefsen and its accompanying vessels have arrived on site. Preparations are underway to dredge the borrow area located offshore of Passage Key and transport the sand to Longboat Key. Sand from this borrow area will be placed in Segments 1, 2, and 3. Construction will begin at the end of the week in Segment 3, along Longboat Club Road.

Beach fill operations are continuing to progress along Gulfside Road. This sand comes from Longboat Pass via the Dredge Rockbridge.

Meanwhile, construction of the northernmost rock groin on Greer Island is progressing. Crane barges are utilized to transport and place large stone and foundation materials. Work is also occurring on land, in the immediate vicinity of the structure.


DATE: 30 March 2021

Beach fill operations are well underway along the Gulfside Road segment, with the Dredge Rockbridge placing sand dredged from Longboat Pass.  That work will conclude by April 15.

Meanwhile, the installation of foundation mattresses for the rock groins off Greer Island has commenced.  This work is being performed by crane barge just offshore.  Work will soon shift to land and Gulf-based placement, and armor stones for the work should begin to arrive next week.

Lastly, equipment and pipe pieces have begun to arrive for the installation of submerged pipeline for beach nourishment along Longboat Club Road, scheduled to commence in the next two weeks (approx.)

DATE: 22 March 2021

Things are beginning to happen on the island for the 2021 beach nourishment and North End stabilization Project at Longboat Key.  The Town kicked off the work last week with the initial placement of foundation mattresses for the rock groins being installed off Greer Island, and the Contractors for the various phases of work are in the process of mobilizing equipment to the Broadway Street, Gulfside Road, and St. Regis locations to commence construction of beach nourishment segments in those areas.

This week, the Town expects Contractors to begin laying submerged pipelines from both Longboat Pass and from the offshore area off Longboat Club Road.  Beach fill operations in those areas will commence in the coming 1-2 weeks.

DATE: 15 March 2021


The Town of Longboat Key has recently commenced work on the 2021 renourishment of several segments of the island’s Gulf of Mexico shoreline.  Multiple contractors are now in place to perform the numerous segments of construction.  The dredge currently working in Longboat Pass for Coquina Beach will soon shift operations and begin sand placement along the Gulfside Road area.  By mid-April, a separate dredge operation will commence sand placement along Longboat Club Rd south of the St. Regis property.  Concurrently, work will begin this week to construct five (5) low-crested permeable rock groins along the shoreline at North Shore Road and Greer Island.  In total, the Town plans to place roughly 825,000 cubic yards of sand along the Longboat Key shoreline this spring/summer, and to stabilize the north tip of the island to combat the severe erosion that threatens Greer Island.