Krista J. Egan, P.E.

Civil, Coastal, and Ocean Engineering

M.S., 2012 Coastal Engineering; Univ. of Florida
B.S., 2010 Civil Engineering; Univ. of Florida

Ms. Egan has over eight years of experience in design, modeling, monitoring, and permitting of various coastal protection projects throughout the southeast United States and the Caribbean.  Specifically, she investigates potential sand borrow areas, develops inlet sediment budgets, assesses inlet management strategies, prepares environmental permit applications, drafts grant applications, analyses wave climates, performs numerical modeling, and evaluates historical shoreline and volume changes.  In addition, she has provided construction management and observation services for numerous clients on large- and small-scale beach restoration projects.  These projects include utilizing sand dredged from offshore and inlet sources as well as trucked sand from upland mines.  Her experience in coastal construction extends to structural shoreline stabilization and terminal groin improvement projects.  She is a licensed professional engineer in Florida and Alabama.  Ms. Egan is engaged in the coastal engineering community and regularly shares her technical findings and coastal project experience at Florida Shore and Beach Preservation Association conferences.

Prior to joining Olsen Associates, Inc. in 2014, Ms. Egan worked for the National Science Foundation in the D.C. metro area, where she served multiple programs, including physical oceanography, coastal sustainability, and earth system modeling.  She was educated at the University of Florida from 2006-2012, earning a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering and a Master of Science in Coastal and Oceanographic Engineering.  Ms. Egan studied under Dr. Arnoldo Valle-Levinson (thesis advisor), Dr. Robert Thieke, Dr. Robert Dean, and Dr. James Houston, focusing on beach nourishment theory and practice, design of coastal structures, sea level rise, littoral processes, and estuarine dynamics.