Rudee Inlet, Virginia – Management Study and Infrastructure Rehabilitation


Location: City of Virginia Beach, Virginia

Client: City of Virginia Beach (Subcontractor to Waterway Surveys & Engineering, Ltd.)

Tasks: Analysis, Hydrodynamic Study, Sediment Budget Formulation, Review of Dredge Operations, Engineering Design, Construction Documents, Construction Review


For this small craft navigation project in Virginia Beach, Olsen Associates, Inc. was responsible for the principal coastal engineering analysis of the inlet’s sediment transport processes and dredging practices, sediment budget, hydrodynamics, and formulation of technical recommendations to improve the efficiency of sand management at the inlet and reliability of safe navigation. The implementation phase of the project included the engineering design, assistance in permitting, and preparation of construction documents to sand-tighten and extend the north jetty, re-construct the sand weir, rehabilitate interior revetments, and provide for emergency vehicle access.  Construction of the project was completed by the City of Virginia Beach in 2004 at a cost of approximately $3.4M.

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