Atlantis, The Palm; Dubai


Location: The Palm Al Jumeirah, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Client: Kerzner International Development LLC

Tasks: Engineer of Record; Masterplanning, Engineering Design & Construction Plans, Coastal Engineering Due Diligence


Olsen Associates Inc. (OAI) was the coastal engineering consultant to Kerzner International in its successful development of the multi-billion dollar resort, aquaria, and waterpark along the crown of The Palm, Al Jumeirah in Dubai (2004-08).  OAI’s role in the project included (1) engineering design & masterplan participation for all shorefront/coastal elements of the project, and (2) due diligence review of The Palm’s design and construction to protect the interests of the resort development.  The firm’s contributions to the project included design of the interior 2-kilometer beach and terminal groins, aquaria water intakes and discharge outfalls, marina and arrival pier (not ultimately constructed), revetments and landings for the monorail, set-backs and site elevations, perimeter flood protection, and modifications to The Palm breakwater structure.

Photo Credit: Paul Thuysbaert

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