Matt Lowe’s Cay Marina Flushing Analysis


Location: Matt Lowe’s Cay, Abaco, Bahamas

Client: Matt Lowe’s Cay

Tasks: Numerical Modeling, Flushing Analysis, Culvert Design


Olsen Associates completed an analysis of predicted hydrodynamic and water quality impacts associated with the proposed improvements to the existing marina, entrance, and navigation channel on Matt Lowe’s Cay.  The analysis utilized the hydrodynamic and water quality models RMA2 and RMA4 to predict residence time and flushing ability of the 5.7-acre basin, designed by others.  Modeled improvements included an expanded basin area, modification to the existing channel and entrance, and construction of a rock jetty.  Based on initial model results, several flushing culvert alternatives were simulated in order to facilitate water exchange though the basin sufficient to meet the design objectives.  The basin and flushing culvert were constructed in 2003 and have performed well, as predicted.

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