Tybee Island, Georgia; Beach Management Plan


Location: Tybee Island, Georgia

Client: City of Tybee Island

Tasks: Assistance to the City Council, Beach Task Force Committee and citizens of Tybee Island in defining interests and goals sufficient to enable the City to conduct it’s planning, budgeting and public works functions as they related to the proactive management of Tybee Island’s Beaches.


As the long-term coastal engineering consultant to the City of Tybee Island, GA, Olsen Associates, Inc. performs a multitude of tasks requested by the City administration, as well as a citizen-based Beach Task Force Committee.  Central to the effort has been the formulation of a Long Range Beach Management Plan document which developed a multi-year repair, maintenance and improvement strategy for purposes of beach erosion control, beach preservation, restoration and nourishment, as well as storm and hurricane protection at Tybee Island, GA.  A key element of the Plan is the continued support and maintenance of a federal shore protection project authorized by Congress in the early 1970’s.

As an adjunct to Plan implementation, Olsen Associates, Inc. provides shoreline monitoring, permitting, design and consultation services to the City on an annual basis.  Moreover, the firm serves as the technical advisor to the Beach Task Force Committee.  In that capacity, the firm has represented the City in a favorable federal assessment and quantification of historical damages to Tybee Island sustained from the Savannah Harbor Navigation Project; designed a unique modular groinfield on the southern end of the island; and performed a sand search, environmental assessment, and design analyses and acquired State permits required for the federal shore protection project – 2008 renourishment by the Savannah District, USACOE.  Firm engineers are frequently requested to provide technical liaison between the City and State or Federal interests.

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