Lesser Antilles Project Experience


Location: Various Islands of the Lesser Antilles, Caribbean Sea

Client: Private Clients & Resorts (various)

Tasks: Site Assessment & Evaluation, Planning & Engineering Design, Construction Plans and Observation



  • Antigua:  Jolly Harbor - Design and construction review of beach restoration works involving over 1km of rock groin structures and beach fill, and jetty improvements at tidal inlets to improve marina water quality.

  • Antigua: Jumby Bay Resort - Shoreline stabilization and marina development assessment for island homeowners group (2001).

  • Antigua:  Hodges Bay.  Site assessment and design of beach improvements and shoreline stabilization, and siting guidelines for oceanfront structures, at small resort development along island’s north shore (2007).

  • Antigua:  Goddard Beach.  Preliminary site evaluation and concept design for beach improvements at proposed residential/resort development at island’s northwest shore (2007).

  • Antigua:  Runaway Beach.  Site evaluation, report and recommendations regarding effect of tidal inlet upon adjacent sandy beaches (2006).

  • Antigua:  Sandals Grande Antigua, Dickinson Bay.  Site evaluation and report regarding recent beach erosion with recommendations for remediation, including terminal groin design (2010).

Turks and Caicos Islands

  • Turks & Caicos Islands, Providenciales and Parrot Cay: Shoreline and erosion assessment for private residential properties (2001).  Site assessment and preliminary concept design for residential marina and beach improvements at Parrot Cay (2002).

  • Turks & Caicos Islands, North Caicos: Site assessment and evaluation of proposed beachfront and marina community development (2004).

Other Leeward & Windward Islands

  • St. Maarten, Netherland Antilles: Marina design and construction review for Port de Plaisance development for T.E.S.A. in association with EDSA (1989-90).

  • Anguilla: Cap Juluca – Site examination, report and design recommendations for remediate beach restoration (1998).

  • St. Lucia:  Sandals La Toc – Site examination, report and preliminary engineering analysis and design to remediate chronic beach erosion along the central resort shoreline (2009).

  • St. Lucia:  Ritz Carlton – Site examination, report and recommendations regarding proposed development of an oceanfront golf course (windward), resort and marina (leeward) near the south end of the island (2006).

  • Aruba: Palm Beach – Site examination, analysis and report assessing the influence of existing boat piers upon shoreline conditions (2008).  

  • Aruba:  DePalm Island – Engineering design of rock groins and sand fill for beach restoration at a day-trip destination island & waterpark (2006-07).

US and British Virgin Islands

  • St. Thomas: Airport Seaward Extension and Crown Bay Port Expansion - Coastal engineering studies, design and analysis of ocean airport extension for the Virgin Is. Port Authority (VIPA); side scan and magnetometer study of Crown Bay.

  • St. Thomas: Virgin Islands Hotel - Beach erosion study of Brewers Bay shoreline.

  • St. Croix: Coakley Bay Resort Development - Marina design and permitting.

  • St. Croix: Great Pond Bay Resort Development - shoreline analysis, marina design and preliminary site impact assessments.

  • British Virgin Islands: Norman’s Island - Environmental assessment and engineering design for beach improvements with sand fill stabilizing groins (2004).

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