Broward County, FL Shore-Stabilizing Structure Feasibility Study


Location: Broward County, FL

Client: Broward County Environmental Protection Department

Tasks: Numerical Modeling, Feasibility Study, Beach Fill and Stabilizing Structure(s) Conceptual Design


Olsen Associates Inc. completed a feasibility study to evaluate the physical- and cost-effectiveness of incorporating shore-stabilization structures into the County’s regional beach management program with the specific goal of improving beach conditions such that future beach nourishment requirements along the County’s 24-mile long ocean coastline could potentially be reduced.  The study included the identification of problematic shoreline areas and where structures may be successful in meeting this objective.  The process-based morphodynamic model Delft3D was employed to simulate the County’s natural littoral environment as well as expected beach response to various structure configurations including modern groins and breakwaters.  The study identified nine “problematic” shoreline locations where the beach is persistently erosional and/or narrow.  For several locations, the potential short- and intermediate-term beach response to emergent, submerged, and semi-submerged breakwaters, T-head groins, porous groins, as well as, beach fill were studied to evaluate shore-stabilizing benefits as well as potential adverse downdrift effects.  Recommendations for future beach management practices with and without shore-stabilizing structure were presented for consideration by Broward County.

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