Westin Regina Resort - Cancun Post-Hurricane Wilma Shoreline Rehabilitation and Protection


Location: Cancun, Mexico

Client: Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide, Inc.

Tasks: Site Assessment, Engineering, Permitting, Design and Construction Documents, Construction Review


In 2005, Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) conducted a post-storm assessment following significant impacts to the Cancun shoreline associated with 72-hours of Category 4 hurricane conditions at that location due to Hurricane Wilma.  OAI worked with the client to document storm related impacts and formulate a shore stabilization and protection plan to increase protection to the property from future storm event.   OAI design, permitted, and monitored construction of a 300-meter long seawall.  The wall serves as a barrier to storm associated impacts and land loss while allowing recreational access to beachfront amenities during normal operation of the resort.

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