Canaveral Harbor Federal Navigation Project; Inlet Sand Management


Location: Port Canaveral, Florida

Client: Canaveral Port Authority

Tasks: Permitting, Local Sponsor Technical Representative, Construction Review, Agent for State grant cost-sharing, Coastal engineering design consultation


Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) has been the coastal engineering consultant for the Canaveral Port Authority since 1991.  In 1992, OAI prepared the State’s Inlet Management Plan for the Port Canaveral Entrance, harbor and federal navigation channel.  This Plan enumerated about 15 specific modifications to the inlet structures, maintenance programs, and sand bypassing for the purposes of mitigating the inlet’s impact upon the adjacent shorelines.  All of those modifications have since been implemented and have successfully reduced the inlet’s annual littoral impact from over 320,000 cubic yards per year to nearly negligible levels.  OAI has been the Engineer of Record for some of these project improvements and has provided technical assistance and review to the Corps of Engineers for others.  The firm has acquired all permits and submerged lands easements, conducted annual project monitoring, and represents the interest of the non-federal interests (Port Authority and State of Florida) in regard to the federal project.  In 2009, OAI’s efforts over 15 years significantly contributed to a finding by the Corps of Engineers that, because of the inlet’s impacts to the downdrift beaches, the federal government would be 100% financially responsible for the costs of renourishing the adjacent 10-miles of shoreline in Brevard County, including credit for non-federal funds already expended on the renourishment since 2000.   Specific elements of the Plan include:

•    Sand Bypassing using Conventional Dredge (1995, 1998, 2007, 2010)
•    Interim Sand Tightening of South and North Jetties by Sand-Filled Tube (1994, 1998)
•    Sand-Tightening and Extension of South Jetty (1995).  
•    Sand-Tightening and Extension of North Jetty (2002-03).
•    Nearshore Disposal of Maintenance Dredged Sand (1992-2003).
•    Dune Restoration, Vegetation and Walkover Renovation at Jetty Park (2002).

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