Ocean Club, Paradise Island, The Bahamas


Location: Paradise Island, Nassau, The Bahamas

Client: Kerzner International Development LLC

Tasks: Engineering Design, Construction Documents, Construction Review, Shoreline Management and Regulatory Review


Ocean Club Estates and the One&Only Ocean Club, located on Paradise Island in the Bahamas, includes a premium resort, oceanfront residences and golf course, interior waterway and marina, and dynamic beaches. As the coastal engineering consultant for the project, Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) was the Engineer of Record and advisory consultant for all of its shorefront elements – including:  flushing analysis of the interior waterway and design of the entrance (channel, jetties, navigation aids, bank stabilization), repair and replacements to a 40-year old seawall, establishment of building set-backs and dock limits (covenants) for all waterfront lots, shoreline perimeter of the golf course (seawalls, wind-blown sand control, oceanfront tee-box repair, and a salt-water lagoon water hazard), dune restoration and vegetation, and dune cross-overs for beach access. OAI participated in the projects’ masterplanning and reviewed the team’s collective designs as they related to shorefront influences.  After several hurricane impacts, the firm has undertaken prompt damage assessments and prepared fast-track designs for repair of shorefront infrastructure.

As residences rise and expand on Ocean Club Estates, OAI serves as the coastal engineering advisor to Kerzner International in its regulatory review of the Owners’ applications for various coastal works – including docks, beaches, waterfront terraces and walls – in addition to providing consultation to Owners in regard to prudent design of these shorefront improvements.

Photo credits: Bruce Wolf

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