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Bald Head Island, N.C. – Shoreline Management Program

In order to facilitate the federal navigation project mitigation, the firm performed long-term comprehensive monitoring, designed and permitted a 16-sand tube groin field as well as a 1.85 Mcy beach fill.

Broward County, FL Shore-Stabilizing Structure Feasibility Study

Olsen Associates Inc. completed a feasibility study to evaluate the physical- and cost-effectiveness of incorporating shore-stabilization structures into the County’s regional beach management program with the specific goal of improving beach conditions such that future beach nourishment requirements along the County’s 24-mile long ocean coastline could potentially be reduced. 

Coral Reef Restoration, Key Largo Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary

Under contract to Industrial Economics Corporation (IEC), and working closely with Continental Shelf Associates (CSA) and the construction contractor, Olsen Associates Inc. (OAI) was the Engineer of Record for the world’s first large-scale structural restoration of a coral reef damaged by vessel groundings

Fish Haul Creek Shoreline Restoration Project

Olsen Associates, Inc. prepared a feasibility study that detailed shoreline change history and erosion problems along 10,000 feet of Port Royal Sound shoreline on Hilton Head Island. 

Fisher Island, Shore Stabilization Project

Olsen Associates, Inc. designed and permitted the first U.S. beach restoration project with imported Bahamian sand and pioneered the modern use of "tuned" T-Head groin structures in Florida.

Fort Clinch, Florida: Erosion Control Project

This project required the construction and rehabilitation of five (5) rock groins located seaward of historic Fort Clinch, near the Florida/Georgia border. 

Hilton Head Island: Lands End Groin Rehabilitation

Olsen Associates, Inc. (OA) is the Engineer-of-Record for a terminal groin rehabilitation project on Hilton Head Island.

Palm Beach County, Florida; Ocean Ridge Federal Shore Protection Project

This is a Federal project constructed in 1997-98 by the local sponsor (Palm Beach County) with subsequent reimbursement by the Federal government. 

Port Everglades Sand Bypassing

Olsen Associates, Inc. is the Engineer-of-Record for the planning, design, permitting, construction and monitoring of a sand bypass project at Port Everglades.  As designed, the project will include the construction of a sand trap, improvements to the Port Everglades north jetty, and accommodation of periodic sand transfer every 2 to 3 years.

Reethi Rah Resort, Maldives

In 2004, Olsen Associates Inc. (OAI) designed the coastal engineering repairs and channel-cut that ultimately created the beaches along the unique shoreline of the One&Only Reethi Rah Resort in the Maldives. 

Ritz-Carlton Rose Hall Resort, Montego Bay Jamaica Beach Improvement Project

OA conducted a detailed site assessment and developed a beach improvement plan to provide a recreational beachfront for this luxury resort. 

Rudee Inlet, Virginia – Management Study and Infrastructure Rehabilitation

For this small craft navigation project in Virginia Beach, Olsen Associates, Inc. was responsible for the principal coastal engineering analysis of the inlet’s sediment transport processes and dredging practices, sediment budget, hydrodynamics, and formulation of technical recommendations to improve the efficiency of sand management at the inlet and reliability of safe navigation. 

Sheraton Waikiki Beach

With Sea Engineering, Inc., the firm developed a beach restoration project for this resort hotel on Waikiki Beach.

South Amelia Island Shore Stabilization Project

Olsen Associates, Inc. has been the long-term consultant to the SAISSA-MSBU since its formation in 1992.

St. Andrews Ocean Condominium Protective Seawall

The project included permitting, design and construction of a protective steel sheetpile wall along 300-ft of oceanfront shoreline seaward of endangered buildings in Palm Beach County, with 50-ft return walls.

Tybee Island, Georgia; Shoreline Stabilization Projects

Olsen Associates Inc. designed this project at the southern extremity of Tybee Island, Georgia, using three T-head groins as terminal structures to stabilize a severely eroded shoreline.

Westin Regina Resort - Cancun Post-Hurricane Wilma Shoreline Rehabilitation and Protection

In 2005, Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) conducted a post-storm assessment following significant impacts to the Cancun shoreline associated with 72-hours of Category 4 hurricane conditions at that location due to Hurricane Wilma.

Westin Regina Resort Puerto Vallarta Beach Improvement Project

Olsen Associates, Inc. conducted a detailed site assessment of this highly erosional shorefront that suffered from the downdrift effects of numerous groins and breakwaters constructed by adjacent developments.

Other Projects:

Bonita Beach

Iroquois Point, Oahu, Hawai'i

Technical design consultation with Sea Engineering, Inc. for beach nourishment with T-Head groins near Pearl Harbor.

Port Royal Shoreline Restoration and Stabilization Project