Hilton Head Island: 1990 Beach Restoration; 1997 and 2006/07 Beach Renourishments


Location: Hilton Head Island, South Carolina

Client: Town of Hilton Head Island

Tasks: Planning, Engineering, Permitting, Design and Construction Documents, Construction Review, Long-term Island-wide beach monitoring (1986-present)


Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) has been the coastal engineering consultant to the Town of Hilton Head Island since 1985.  During that time, OAI has assisted the Town with general coastal engineering consulting needs for a long-term island-wide beach monitoring program that is based upon comprehensive beach restoration and management.  To-date, the program has included the formulation and completion of three large-scale nourishment projects which were constructed in 1990, 1997,  and 2006/07.  The 1990 project addressed the initial restoration of the island’s Atlantic shorefront.  This project included the placement of 2.34 MCY of sand along about 36,000 ft (6.8 miles) of beachfront.  The sand source for this effort was located at two offshore sand shoal areas.  The project was renourished in 1997 and 2006/07 with the placement of an additional 2.5 MCY of sand (each event) along 38,000 feet (7.2 miles) of Atlantic shorefront.  This 1997 project also included the relocation of a marginal tidal channel along the Port Royal Sound shoreline and the restoration of approximately 9,000 ft of shoreline adjacent this the channel relocation.  Other beach projects successfully completed by the Town to-date include an emergency 1 MCY beach fill project along a highly localized “hot-spot” in 1999, the construction of a terminal groin at a small migrating tidal inlet, The Folly, the comprehensive rehabilitation of a relict terminal groin, and a shore-stabilizing breakwater, beach restoration, and marsh restoration project of the Port Royal Sound shoreline.  In addition, OAI has assisted the Town with beach management issues such as environmental protection and enhancement, development siting, dune restoration and protection, among others.

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