Fish Haul Creek Shoreline Restoration Project


Location: Hilton Head Island, SC

Client: Town of Hilton Head Island, SC

Tasks: Feasibility Study, Permitting, Beach Fill and Breakwater Design, Design Plans and Specifications, Bidding, Construction Review, Post-project monitoring


Olsen Associates, Inc. prepared a feasibility study that detailed shoreline change history and erosion problems along 10,000 feet of Port Royal Sound shoreline on Hilton Head Island.  The study identified the need for comprehensive restoration of 2,600 feet of erosional shoreline.  Alternatives were formulated to address the identified erosion problem and a preferred plan was selected by the Town.  Based upon recommendation of the Hilton Head Island Audubon Society, the project design was modified to avoid sensitive shorebird forging areas and habitat while still meeting the shoreline restoration goals.  The revised design included a truncated beach fill (2,200 feet) and 6 detached breakwaters intended to stabilize the truncated end of the fill.  The revised project design also called for the creation of more than 0.5 acres of Spartina alterniflora(Smooth Cordgrass) marsh in the lee of the breakwaters which serve as a buffer between the upland sand fill and adjacent shorebird foraging areas.  The initial phase of the project was successfully completed in February 2007 which included the placement of 90,000 cy of hydraulically-placed sand fill from an offshore sand borrow source and the 6-detached rock breakwaters.  Marsh grass plantings were be installed in April-May 2008.

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