South Beaches, Brevard County Shore Protection Alternatives


Location: South Beaches: Brevard County

Client: Brevard County, Natural Resources Mgt. Office

Tasks: Feasibility Study, Funding Analysis, Engineering Design, Permitting


To address beach erosion problems along the southern 14 miles of the Brevard County shoreline, between Melbourne Beach and Sebastian Inlet, FL, Olsen Associates, Inc. (OAI) completed a suite of coastal engineering assignments since 2007.  These include (1) engineering and economic (cost/benefit) analysis of shore protection alternatives, (2) feasibility study of establishing a Municipal Services Benefit Unit (MSBU) for project funding, (3) feasibility study of constructing submerged sand bars, and (4) permit acquisition for shallow water placement of sand by rainbow and bottom discharge from hopper dredges.  This project, located in the Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge, is designed to nourish the beach with premium-quality offshore sand at least cost and minimum impact to the area’s very high density of marine turtle nesting activity.

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