Fisher Island, Shore Stabilization Project


Location: Miami, Dade County, Florida

Client: Island Developer, Ltd.

Tasks: Analyses, design, permitting, construction observation and monitoring of a unique and multi-faceted shore stabilization project located at a major Florida oceanfront resort/community.


In 1991, the firm designed and permitted the first U.S. beach fill project constructed of oolitic aragonite imported from the Bahamas.  To date, the project has functioned as the sole prototype for potential future South Florida sand source development, not originating from nearshore waters.  The project also included seven (7) rock structures and represented the early development of “tuned” T-head groins for purposes of stabilization of an oceanfront shoreline in a closed cell or isolated littoral system.  This project reintroduced the first use of T-head coastal structures in Florida since the 1960's.  The project necessitated several years of post-construction monitoring required to determine the performance of aragonite in south Florida.

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