Summary Experience in The Bahamas


Location: The Islands of The Bahamas

Client: Various resort, residential, and government clients

Tasks: Site assessment, concept design, recommendations for site development, masterplan participation, construction documents, and construction review.


New Providence, Paradise Island and Salt Cay

  • Arawak Cay, Nassau Harbor: Site survey, tidal current studies, and engineering design of culvert/channel project to improve water circulation and quality along Arawak Cay for the Bahamas Ministry of Works.

  • Cable Beach: Bay Roc - Environmental assessment and engineering design for beach improvements and seawall improvements, constructed 1995. 

  • Cable Beach: Marriott Crystal Palace Resort - Engineering design to dismantle and reconstruct existing shore protection works for purposes of restoring beach, 1995 (not yet constructed).

  • Cable Beach:  Sandals Royal Bahamian Resort – Engineering design for beach improvements at Hotel Side and along the south and north shores of Sandals Island (Blackbeard Cay), 2009-2010.

  • Clifton Point: Atlantis Submarine (Bahamas) Ltd. - Siting review for tourist destination submarine facility, including inlet and marina.

  • Clifton Point:  Clifton Cay Development - Design of ocean entrances to marina and canal, beach improvements, and review of marina design for resort/residential development.

  • Clifton Point:  Concrete Offloading Facility - Design and structural repairs to concrete ship offloading facility piers and quay.

  • Lyford Cay:  Design of stabilized beach restoration projects for various oceanfront residences; including D. Izmirlian, R. Arnold, M. Barosso, L. Vazquez, M. Dingman, Doyle/Flanagan, Entre Nous, and Rupert properties, among others.  Improvements to beach and lagoon circulation for P. Nygard.

  • Montagu Foreshore:  Design and construction plans for public beach improvements at Fort Montagu park, and presentation to Prime Minister and Public Meeting; for Kerzner International Development (2006-2011).

  • Saunders Beach:  Design and construction plans for public beach improvements at Saunders Beach, for Ministry of Public Works (2011).

  • Williams Street:  Planning review and concept design for market stalls and boat ramp.

  • Old Fort Bay – Property Owners Association:  Alternatives analysis for maintenance dredging program at Lightbourne Creek Entrance.  Various assignments to review proposed plans for shoreline improvements by private property owners and preparation of recommendations for modification or implementation of those improvements. 

  • Old Fort Bay – Asher Residence:  Site assessment and engineering recommendations for shore protection and minor beach restoration. 

  • Old Fort Bay - Haimes:  Site survey, permit drawings, engineering design of breakwater reconstruction and beach creation (2010). 

  • Old Fort Bay - Siroky:  Site survey, permit drawings, engineering design of rock groin and beach creation (2011). 

  • Old Fort Bay - Xanadu:  Site survey, permit drawings, engineering design of boat basin, bulkheads, floating and fixed docks, rock groin and beach restoration.

  • Palm Cay:  Schematic design for beach improvements (2011).

  • Paradise Island: Atlantis - Redesign of Phase I lagoon beach.  Design of Phase II lagoon beach. Concept design for Phase II marina.  Beach restoration of Pirates Cove.  Restoration design of resort oceanfront after Hurricane Floyd (1999).  Coastal Engineer for Phase II – Ocean Club Estates & Golf Course, including interior waterway, ocean entrance and jetty, seawall repair and design of golf course coastline.  Coastal Engineer for Phase III expansion.  Coastal Engineer for Atholl Island golf course project; construction plans for boat basin, docks and waterfront.  Coastal Engineer for Harborside II development along Nassau Harbor.

  • Salt Cay: Analysis and design of inlet stabilization, bridge-crossing, and beach enhancement at a day-tourist resort destination for Nassau Cruises, Ltd. after 1991 Halloween wave event.  Design of aeration system to improve water circulation at Dolphin Encounters, Ltd.  Preparation of engineering plans for lagoon dredging and beach restoration along the island’s north shoreline (2007) and reparations after high waves in late 2010.

The Family Islands

  • Abacos, Elbow Cay:  Concept design and coastal management plan for dune and beach restoration after Hurricane Floyd (1999). 

  • Abacos, Matt Lowe’s Cay (Marsh Harbor):  Environmental assessment and marina entrance and breakwater, seawalls, marina bulkheads and flushing culverts, coastal set-backs, and dune and beach improvements.

  • Abacos, Joe’s Cay (Hopetown):   Site assessment and concept design of bridge crossing, recreational beach, and boat basin.

  • Berry Islands, Alder/Frozen Cay:  Design and construction supervision of a marina, breakwater, salt pond restoration and 3-acre swim-in coral aquarium, moveable predator net, and related marine infrastructure structures for a  large-scale multi-island private resort development.

  • Berry Islands, Chub Cay:  Hydraulic analyses and engineering design for proposed improvement to marina flushing canal.

  • Berry Islands, Whale Cay: Assessment of marina siting alternatives. 

  • Bimini, South BiminiBimini Sands - Analyses and re-design of inlet and beach stabilization, marina channel, and flushing-culvert improvements for residential marina development.

  • Cat Cay - Site review, concept design analysis, environmental assessment, design plans and specifications, and limited construction review for private beach and marina redevelopment.

  • Crooked Island, Pittstown Point Landing:  Site review, environmental assessment and concept design for proposed marina.

  • Eleuthera, Harbour Island:  Shoreline damage assessment after Hurricane Floyd.

  • Eleuthera, Cape Eleuthera: Analyses and schematic level design related to beach enhancement, rock groins with beach fill; marina restoration, jetty rehabilitation, navigation channel improvements, flushing channel development, etc.

  • Eleuthera, Rock Sound: Princess Cay - Design of inlet, marina, and beach stabilization to expand facilities for cruise ship port-of-call (Princess Cruises, Ltd.).

  • Eleuthera, Windemere Island (North):  Coastal engineering consultation for various improvements.

  • Exumas, Ocean Bight, Great ExumaEmerald Bay Resort (Four Seasons) - Initial site assessment and conceptual design of inlet and marina within existing salt pond, flushing canal, and oceanfront hotel siting.

  • Exumas, Highbourne Cay: Design of marina expansion and interim breakwater improvements.

  • Grand Bahama, Freeport: Assessment of proposed eco-tourist beach resort site near Lucaya National Park.

  • Ocean Cay:  Environmental assessment of effects of sand mining and dredging from 1960’s through 1990’s.

  • Rum Cay:  Site review, environmental assessment and preliminary design for proposed marina and beach improvements.

  • San Salvador:  Review & assessment of ongoing marina project at Sportfish Marina.

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