Nassau County Shore Protection Project


Location: Amelia Island, Florida

Client: City of Fernandina Beach

Tasks: Facilitation of a Federally Authorized Beach Restoration Project


The City of Fernandina Beach is the local sponsor for a federal shore protection project first studied in the 1940’s, authorized in the 1970’s but not constructed until 2008 by the Jacksonville District, USACOE.  The civil works project is additionally unique by virtue fact that it has a Section 1-11 cost sharing - mitigation component and the fact that it receives episodic beach disposal by the U.S. Navy from the maintenance of an adjacent navigation channel required for passage of Trident Class submarines to their home port located in St. Mary’s, GA.  In order to allow successful construction of the shore protection project, Olsen Associates, Inc. acquired the required State Permits including a Water Quality Variance, facilitated the acquisition of over 300 property easements, developed the project borrow site and represented the City in acquiring both State and Federal appropriations necessary for construction.  The firm has performed all post-construction monitoring and represents the City in the strategic facilitation of beach disposal operations intended to increase the shore protection project’s predicted maintenance interval.

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