Federal Shore Protection Project Implementation


Location: Brevard, Palm Beach, Broward, Nassau, Duval Counties, Florida; Tybee Island, Georgia

Client: Counties or Municipal Governments

Tasks: Professional representation or design services required to facilitate congressionally authorized federal shore protection projects.


The firm has represented numerous local government sponsors in varying roles necessary to implement congressionally authorized Shore Protection Projects.  Services range from: Engineer-of-Record to Permit Agent, to technical representative.  Work products or services have included: design documents, borrow site development, geotechnical investigations, easement acquisition, EA or EIS formulation, State Permits, Water Quality Certifications and/or Variances, Cultural Resource investigations, construction observation, as well as the formulation of various federal reauthorizing documents such as G.R.R.’s, L.R.R.’s, G.D.M.’s, etc.  The level of effort for each project has varied with the type of work authorized for local participation, the need to advance a schedule for construction and other requirements of the sponsor, or COE District necessary to allow for timely and successful project construction as well as the associated timing of congressional appropriations.  The firm has likewise assisted local sponsors in the acquisition of cost sharing through various sources of State funding – such as the Florida Beach Management Program.

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