Tybee Island, Georgia; Shoreline Stabilization Projects


Location: Tybee Island, Georgia

Client: City of Tybee Island, GA

Tasks: Design, Construction Documents, Construction Review, Permitting, Coordination with Federal Shore Protection Project, Post-Construction Monitoring


Olsen Associates Inc. designed this project at the southern extremity of Tybee Island, Georgia, using three T-head groins as terminal structures to stabilize a severely eroded shoreline.  The beach fronts along Tybee Inlet and is influenced by swift tidal currents and 2 meter tide range.  The project was constructed in 1994-95 at a cost of $1.6M and renourished in 2008 using design recommendations and an offshore sand borrow developed by Olsen Associates. The firm also provided technical consultation to the City regarding the proposed expansion of the Savannah Harbor federal navigation project and disposal of dredged material near the island.  Post-construction monitoring indicates that the project has performed per design expectations.

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