FEMA Dune Repair, Brevard County FL


Location: Mid-Reach & South Beaches; Brevard County, Florida

Client: Brevard County, Natural Resources Mgt. Office

Tasks: Permitting, Co-Design, Construction Observation, QA/QC and Engineering Documentation


In response to severe beach erosion caused by severe storms, Brevard County has implemented large-scale dune and vegetation repair in multiple construction events (2005, 06, 08, 09), spanning over 17 miles of shoreline, and using multiple upland sand sources.  These projects have placed over one million cubic yards of sand to restore the dune, with total construction cost of about $31M.  Construction and monitoring of these projects has been principally funded by FEMA and the State of Florida, with local funding by Brevard County. As the County’s coastal engineering consultant, Olsen Associates, Inc. has assisted in the project formulation and design, State and Federal permit acquisitions, construction review and sediment QA/QC, monitoring, and the preparation of engineering reports required to maintain FEMA funding eligibility.

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