SCHEDULE (updated November 29th)
Dredging and beach fill operations commenced on July 27, 2021. The first shore landing of the submerged pipeline has been landed just north of the rock breakwater at the Riverstone property north of Amelia Island State Park.

This schedule is highly weather dependent and subject to change. These dates will change slightly and will be updated throughout construction with actual progress data.  The dates listed are based upon an expected conservative daily production rate.

Segment 1 (Completed)
Amelia Island State Park to Sanctuary
Start: July 27th
Finish: Week of August 2nd

Segment 2 (Completed)
Sanctuary, Residence, Dunes Row
Start: Week of August 2nd
Finish: Week of August 30th

Segment 3 (Completed)
Dunes Row to Shipwatch
Start: Week of August 30th
Finish: Week of October 11th

Segment 4 (Completed)
Shipwatch to Omni Hotel
Start: Week of October 11th
Finish: Week of November 29th

Segment 5 (Completed)
Omni Hotel to Burney Park
Start: Week of November 29th
Finish: Week of January 10th