Project Status Update

DATE: 24 October 2016

lbk002At the North End of the Key (Segment 7), Norfolk Dredging Company completed dredging operations at Longboat Pass on Friday October 21st.  The Contractor is presently working on demobilization activities and the final grading and dressing of the beach and the access corridors in that area.  Final surveys of the beaches for 2016 will be occurring this week.  Truck deliveries for the emergency beach fill at the Longboat Key Club (Segment 6)  concluded on Friday October 7th, and grading and dressing of the beach has been completed.

We appreciate your patience and interest in this summer’s beach nourishment activities.  For additional status updates and helpful links, click here.

All dates and positions are approximate.

Click Here for the project map with plotted address listings.

Legend 15Jul16-lr

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